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Whetzel Preserve Allegheny Land TrustJoshua C. Whetzel Preserve

The property buffers adjacent farm lands and provides a dramatic backdrop to Monongahela City.

Allegheny Land Trust has dedicated this parcel, formerly known as Elkhorn Slopes, in the name of  Joshua C.  Whetzel, Jr. The 212-acre tract of land, located in Forward Township, is comprised of three miles of steeply wooded and scenic hillsides along the Monongahela River.  Scenic views of and from the property are only one of the benefits the land provides to the local `communities. The linear tract buffers farms that have been preserved through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Farmland Preservation Program that is administered by Allegheny County and provides habitat for a range of wildlife, especially bird species such as hawks and other raptors that prefer high locations with commanding views.

“We selected  this parcel to represent Josh’s work because the wooded slopes are a universal part of our regions signature landscape.  The substantial contribution this landform makes to our region’s identity and image is being recognized now more than ever since the veil of our industrial past has been lifted to reveal the meandering beauty of our river valleys”, states Roy Kraynyk, ALT’s Land Protection Director.    



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