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"Sprawl is moving on relentlessly, and there doesn't seem to be anything to stop it; ALT has a vital role to protect open space. What makes ALT unique is that they are a 'can-do' organization. At some point you have to walk the walk. ALT does it better than others."

- John C. Oliver, III
Retired Secretary of
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resource


ALT's Accomplishments

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Allegheny Land Trust has established a successful record of fiscal responsibility and management, leveraging capital dollars at the ratio of 2:1, and operating effectively with a lean staff and budget.  At the same time, ALT has earned its reputation as an organization that gets things done.  Investments in Allegheny Land Trust have resulted in permanent conservation of more than 2,000 acres, training of nearly 30 site stewards, and, through a project that passively treats 2.8 million gallons of water per day, ALT will prevent 43 tons of iron oxide from impairing Chartiers Creek annually.



Allegheny Land Trust
Allegheny Land Trust conserves over 2 square miles!
That’s almost as big as downtown Pittsburgh!

Allegheny Land Trust was formed in response to public desire and the conservation needs identified in Allegheny County 2001, a precursor to the current County Comprehensive Plan.  We have continuously served as a regional catalyst, and have grown to reflect the increasing demand of the community.  ALT fills a critical gap, offering richer services than available through the smaller community land trusts, while remaining focused on the core region.

Allegheny Land Trust