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Conservation News

Allegheny County’s Greenways map now includes the ALT Greenprint, highlighting areas with the highest priority for conservation.  You can download the Greenways map which is part of Allegheny Places, Allegheny County’s Comprehensive Plan.

An IRA Charitable Rollover permits individuals age 70½ and above to make charitable donations (think ALT!) of up to $100,000 from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs without having to count the distributions as taxable income.  For information, please see the Independent Sector web site which also discusses proposed improvements to the law.

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ALT Accepting Applications for John Hamm InternshipNew item.

Chartiers Greenway.
Chartiers Creek flowing through Chartiers Greenway

Allegheny Land Trust is accepting applications for the 2016 John Hamm Internship.  This position (Chartiers Creek Watershed Intern) will assist with critical stewardship, land management, volunteer recruitment, environmental education and restoration of the Chartiers Creek Watershed.  The Intern will conduct visual site and habitat monitoring to ensure that the unique conservation values of the watershed are cared for and upheld.  The position will work with a variety of agencies, local, state and federal as well as nonprofit organizations to accomplish tasks for the betterment of the entire watershed.

Visit our Job Opportunities page for a complete position description including duties, responsibilities and basic qualifications as well as information about applying for the John Hamm Internship.

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Help Save 28 of “Bell’s Acres”

ALT has approximately 28 acres on Hunt Road in Bell Acres under contract and your help is needed to match large pending grants.  The property contains a mix of mature woodlands, meadows, wetlands, springs and seeps providing a diversity of habitats.  Protecting this parcel will help to maintain the water quality, sensitive headwater ecology of springs and seeps, wildlife habitat and the rural character of the community.

To learn more about his property, visit the Hunt Road Property page.  To support this local land conservation project, please make an on line contribution to Allegheny Land Trust.  (Be sure to direct your donation to the Hunt Road Property.)


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ALT Acts To Save 178 Acres in Franklin Park

Since 1993, ALT has protected more than 1,700 acres in 25 municipalities in the Pittsburgh region, and Franklin Park is next in line.  In April, we learned of a large, 178-acre tract of land adjacent to Linbrook Park that was for sale.  Consistent with our mission to Help Local People Save Local Land, two weeks later we had it under contract to purchase for permanent green space.

However, although ALT has the land under contract, the threat of the property being developed as a 41 lot residential area is not over.  We need the financial support of local residents and businesses to raise $20,000 to match large public and private grants that are currently pending to purchase the land.

Learn more about the Linbrook Woodlands property or contribute on line to help ALT protect this important natural area in Franklin Park.

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ALT Hunting Permits for 2015 Are Now Available

Permits to hunt during the 2015 season on specified ALT properties are now available.  The permit is free and the season runs from September 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016.  Please visit our About Hunting on Allegheny Land Trust Properties page to review the hunting program policies and guidelines, see which ALT properties are open for hunting, and to request your hunting permit.

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ALT Launches Stewardship Truck Campaign

ALT has launched a campaign to raise funds for a stewardship truck.  With over 1,700 acres of protected land, ALT has a lot of tools and a lot of locations to get to in one insufficiently sized car that one of our employees graciously uses for our events and programs.  Until we get our truck, the photo at left shows what every event, volunteer, and program day looks like for our Stewardship Director, Emilie Rzotkiewicz!

You can help with the campaign by visiting our How To Help page and making a donation restricted to the Stewardship Truck Campaign.  Thank you for your generosity.

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ALT’s New Home

ALT’s New Home – 416 Thorn Street, Sewickley

Allegheny Land Trust now has a new place to call home.  After several years at the Car Barn Shops in Sewickley, we have moved across the street into a new office at 416 Thorn Street.  Our new space includes an entire house (over 2,000 square feet), with a basement, garage and enough parking for our staff and seasonal intern team.  While only 400 square feet larger than our current space, the parking, storage capacity and physical layout will expand our capacity to operate comfortably and efficiently while remaining a Sewickley neighbor.

With a new space comes the need to fill it.  Our team is currently evaluating our furniture, appliance and accessory needs, and we are hoping ALT supporters will help us in filling our needs.  ALT needs YOU to help make our new office space as functional and comfortable as possible.  If you have any of the following items and they are in good condition, please consider donating to ALT: vacuum cleaner, desk lamps & standing lamps, planters, a tool set, bathroom towels & amenities, a blender.  If you don't currently have any of these items, please consider purchasing them for us.  If you can furnish any of these items, please e-mail us at or call 412-741-2750.  We always appreciate the generous support and contributions from our donors.

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It’s your Community, your Future and your Choice

Allegheny Land Trust's 212-acre Joshua C. Whetzel Preserve along the banks of the Monongahela River
A wooded slope protected
by Allegheny Land Trust.

212-acre Joshua C. Whetzel Preserve

Since 1993, ALT has protected more than 1,700 acres in 21 municipalities in Allegheny and Washington Counties.  These lands help to manage storm and floodwaters, provide scenic beauty and protect wildlife habitat and biodiversity.  Secondary benefits include opportunities for non-motorized passive recreation such as hiking, improved marketability and value of adjacent properties and preservation of a community’s rural character.


Bare Hillside
A wooded slope NOT protected
by Allegheny Land Trust

What is Allegheny Land Trust doing to curb this trend?

Allegheny Land Trust empowers people to shape the future of their community by providing the technical skills and know-how to protect treasured local open space.  Green space is more vulnerable than ever as public subsidies are now being used to transform local green space into suburban sprawl.

Please take a few moments to explore our web site to learn more about ALT and our land conservation practices and programs.



Vision: To be recognized as the regional leader in local land conservation and stewardship

Mission: To serve as the lead land trust conserving and stewarding lands that support the scenic, recreational and environmental well-being of communities in Allegheny County and its environs.


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