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About Us

Golden Banks of the Ohio River - Allegheny Land Trust
Golden Banks of the Ohio River

Allegheny Land Trust 's mission is to serve as the lead land trust conserving and stewarding lands that support the scenic, recreational and environmental well-being of communities in Allegheny County and its environs.

Allegheny Land Trust is an independent Pennsylvania nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 1993 to protect land of natural value in and adjacent to Allegheny County.  ALT helps local people save local land that contributes to the scenic, recreational, educational and environmental wealth of our communities.  We’ve protected more than 2,000 acres in Allegheny and Washington Counties.

Contact us if you have a land conservation project that you are considering.  We’re here to help you make it happen!


Who is the Allegheny Land Trust?

Allegheny Land Trust operates with a full-time staff, several dedicated volunteers and is governed by a distinguished board of volunteer directors from area corporations, non-profits and universities.  These are your neighbors who bring to ALT a variety of skills, experience and dedication to protect the natural heritage of our communities.

The ALT is a tightly run organization.  Less than 10% of our annual budget is used for operations, so more of your contribution goes toward land acquisition, trail development and other conservation programs.  We receive financial support from foundations, businesses and state programs for major projects, and rely on contributions from individuals and groups concerned about the rapid loss of greenspace in their communities for operating costs.  Please join our team so you can proudly say. . . I help save local greenspace.


How does the Trust protect natural lands?

Allegheny Land Trust accepts donations of property and conservation easements.  ALT also purchases lands of particular natural significance.

Volunteers called Site Stewards help us monitor and manage conservation lands by walking trails and boundaries, reporting problems and providing the local connection we need to care for land.  ALT provides training for new Site Stewards and welcomes your participation.  In general, the native plant and animal communities are allowed to improve and mature without human intervention.  Where appropriate, provisions are made for environmentally sensitive public trails, and efforts to remove invasive species is ongoing.

Call today if you’d like to help care for a property or perhaps lead a hike if you have any expertise you'd like to share with our members. 


Why act now?

Although our region’s population growth rate remains level, the rate of developing land continues to increase at an unsustainable rate.  This unbalance creates greater demands on the public to provide taxes to pay for services required by ever expanding infrastructure.   If this trend continues without any effort to protect land, our communities stand to lose economically, and the vital greenspace that contributes so much to our scenic, recreational, educational and environmental wealth.   Help us with your support so we can help you.

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